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Cougar Statue - LaVell Edwards Stadium

Welcome to CougarMBA.com. This is a free and open resource by BYU MBA students for BYU MBA students. It contains up to date information on companies, tracks, and other job-related resources. It is a vibrant community where all sorts of current trends and topics are recorded to better help incoming and current BYU MBA students.

This website is aimed to help students reuse work already done by others so that they can quickly and easily find jobs and internships. We hope that this will ease the burden and enable, you, as the student to spend more time enjoying the program, finding new friends, participating in activities, and being with your families.

This website is not affiliated with BYU or the Marriott School of Business. Browsing, posting, or in any other way using this site requires that you abide by the "Code of the Board".

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